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Vick leads in fan voting for pro-bowl


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I thought this should be mentioned on it's own...

What does this say about this country where we can all forgive and forget so quickly? I think this is a great thing and it proves people deserve a second chance in life.

Of course these are the same people who probably shit on him beforehand but it is cool to see so many people come around.


Embrace the Suck
Well, if they shit on him beforehand it was deserved and of his own doing. I agree with you though, Millz, it does say a lot. I was fully behind prosecuting him and him spending time in prison. What he did was wrong. But I was also for giving him a second chance once he paid his debt to society and if he could still play, more power to him.

He's proven himself on the field and off the field as well and to me there is no doubt he should be playing in the Pro Bowl and deserves whatever accolades come his way. He's playing damn good football and has even improved since being out of the game for awhile. Good for him.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree, he's served time for what he did, and now he's trying to make a difference when it comes to dog fighting. He goes to schools, community centers and talks about the negative aspects of dog fighting. He explains that he went to prison for what he did, and he regrets.

I was also someone that believed that Vick deserved a second chance, and I'm glad that he's playing football again, and dominating the Quarterback position. He definitely deserves to go to the pro bowl, and I'm not surprised he leads the league in votes.


Registered Member
The biggest surprises really is to me that regardless, Manning or Brady leading just for the name, but like you guys said, it shows how far our country has come.

I was one who was on his side the whole time hoping that jail time wasn't a factor, but it seems the jail really did help somebody for once, but I still give a lot of credit to his mom. In an ESPN article (or Sports Illustrated, can't remember), it talked about how he started hanging out with the old people again and partying and his mom kept telling him to stop, stop.. it's going to go down hill. He didn't listen and then the shooting happened at his birthday party and he thought he was going to lose it all. His mother was even harder on him and he finally completely changed.