Vick indicted in dogfighting probe


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RICHMOND, Va. (July 17, 2007) -- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges related to illegal dogfighting.
Vick and three others were charged with violating federal laws against competitive dogfighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting the enterprise across state lines.
The indictment alleges that Vick and his co-defendants began sponsoring dogfighting in early 2001, the former Virginia Tech star's rookie year with the Falcons.
It accuses Vick, Purnell A. Peace, Quanis L. Phillips and Tony Taylor of "knowingly sponsoring and exhibiting an animal fighting venture," of conducting a business enterprise involving gambling, as well as buying, transporting and receiving dogs for the purposes of an animal fighting venture.
Telephone messages left at the offices and home of Vick's attorney, Larry Woodward, were not immediately returned.
A woman who answered the phone at the home of Vick's mother said the family knew nothing about the charges


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I'd hate to be in the Falcons' front office right now. Public relations wise, they almost have to get rid of Vick. On the other hand, they've invested so much into him: the money, the ads, running the offense through him, bringing in Petrino specifically to help him...I'd argue that no NFL team has invested so much in a player as Atlanta has to Vick.


I don't know, but I have to ask this: what was this young man thinking? I mean if anyone else had the paycheck he was getting, they would try to make sure to lay low and keep the money coming. Did Mr. Vick ever have an inkling that since he was a high-profile athlete that anything that he does would be scrutinized?

Well, if he didn't think about that before, he knows it now.

I asked this on another forum, but I might as well ask it here as well: What is the thrill of seeing two dogs fight?


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I think it's an ego thing, a "look how tough I am" thing.

It makes me sick. There's a special place in hell for people who willingly harm animals in such a manner.


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First off he's innocent till proven guilty. Second if he did do it, I believe the reason why he did do it, is because it's a hobby of is. He has tons of money, and he has done a lot of things with that money, and he has gotten bored, so he wanted to do something that would entertain him, and I guess he chose dog fighting. Which is sick in my opinion.


he's stupid until proven guilty. to say that you don't know the bad seeds in your family and letting those bad seeds in charge of stuff is just dumb.

but more likely than not, he's just as bad, if not worse, than his brother marcus. just took him longer to get caught doing something.