VHS Video!


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Has anyone still got this?

I remember the days when this was cool, and then DVD's came into the image.

God, my father still has one from 6 years ago, and it works, I watched a movie on it today! It's awesome! :p


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Yes, we still have one at home. Have tons of cartoons and other movies, but I hardly ever watch them anymore.
We got some special cartoons that were recorded and they hold soo many memories, but I'm kind of worried that they won't work if I watch them. I remember the quality was pretty poor the last time I tried. :-/


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It's not that old. ;) They do still make the things, even if they aren't as popular as DVD now. I guess new movies probably don't get released on VHS any more, but movies on VHS can still be found in a lot of stores.


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I don't have any personally but back at my parents house they still have some, old family videos and things like that.


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The real question is "does anyone still have a Betamax?"
Haha. My aunt used to own a betamax rental store.

Five years ago, our room was walled with VHS (you cannot see the real wall anymore). Then we decided to just start with a DVD collection. We sold the hundreds of vhs we owned for a bargain price. I kept some for sentimental reasons. :lol: We don't even have a vhs player anymore. So now our wall is lined with DVDs. I hope I won't need to sell them in the near future.


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Betamax and VHS were rivals for the tape industry, just like HD DVD and Blu-Ray were competeing to be the champion High def disc of this generation. Just like Blu-ray owned HD-DVD, VHS owned Betamax.