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My dog just recently had a real bad episode last night. We swim with her all the time, however last night she managed to swallow ungodly amounts of water that put her at danger, Hyperhydration its called or Water Intoxication. Sounds farfetched I know, the Vet was surprised to see it.

Basically what happened was to much water intake and the brain swells, changes in blood chemistry occur and cells die.

We took her to the emergency vet, they examined her and quoted us a price to treat her. Naturally I choked when I saw the bill, but it wasnt enough for me to think twice about it.

The question I'm posing in this thread is a generally touchy one. At what price is the Vet Bill so high its not worth paying? Basically the price where you as the animals owner decides to basically cut your losses and either put the animal down or take it home and let it run its course?


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I think this depends on the animal and such.

I remember a standup bit from Robert Schimmel where he talks about buying a ten dollar rabbit for his daughter and then bringing it to the vet and having hundreds of dollars worth of tests done on it.

"All this for a ten dollar rabbit?"

But yeah, vet bills can be ridiculous, almost like hospital bills sometimes.


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I voted for up to 500. It's not that I don't love my pets (cause I don't really, but I try), but I have other priorities that could benefit from that money.


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I voted 500 as well. I love my pets, but honestly I probably wouldn't be able to afford a bill any higher.


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Well I am the crazy one who voted for whatever it takes... It also really depends on how old the dog is. I just put my 21-year-old dog down because buying diapers for her was kinda getting rediculous, and she really didn't know what the heck was going on...

But on the other hand.. I stole a puppy that was being abused a little over a year ago... and I have already spent well over $5000 on her. she was malnourished, anemic, and I pulled over 150 ticks off of her.... I had her spayed blah blah blah.. then a month or so after having her at my house I realized her knees were popping out of their sockets, so to avoid her being disabled at a young age I went ahead with reconstruction of both of her knees, which was quite a chunk of change. But it was worth it to me because I didn't want her to have to deal with her knees popping out of socket and the eventual arthritis.
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I'm not going to vote on the amount; it depends on many things - how old the animal is, what the prognosis is, how much it would stress them to get the treatment, etc.

My old old old dog developed anemia last year, she was around 15 or 16, and they could have done a transfusion, but that might have bought her another month at best, and it would have cost around $1800. There's a lot to consider.


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I agree with those who said it depends. My dog had a tumor in his intestines and we could have had it removed, but we had him put down instead. He was 12 years old, he was blind and had bad arthritis. Who knows how much longer he could have lived, but would he have been happy anyway? If my dog has a problem and is otherwise completely healthy I would pay whatever it takes. A pet isn't just an animal to me. It's a member of the family and a best friend.


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I've never been attached to animals and I don't really find it possible for me. Out of my own pocket I probably wouldn't spend much on any animal. My thought is they're just animals and if it was up to me then I wouldn't have one anyway.


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it really depends on how much the animal is worth to you. lots of people do ridiculous things for there animals, however when it comes to a life or death situation, when to animal is fairly young there really isn't a price. unless of course you are compleatly broke... and that really sucks. :(


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I'm not going to vote either because it all depends on the animal and the situation. I had my cat on dialysis when she went into kidney failure which essentially for animals is putting subcu fluids underneath there skin so they suck them in and make them pee more. I work at a hospital so the supplies and such were an easy access and very, very cheap. Now I need to put my dog back in for surgery for another lipoma. I just called yesterday about it as I just found it and they quoted me somewhere in the ball bark of $400-450.00 and I was like what? because last time I had this done, she had another one about 3 years ago it was under $200 and that was when I had gotten her nails quicked too because she has very long quicks. I'm gonna go into the vets office next week when I get paid and talk to the vet myself because this is a new office even though it is the same vets and I know this girl hasn't a clue who I am which will help me in the long run to get the price down somewhat but either way I'm still having it done. She'll turn 9 this year.