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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by lilys_things, May 22, 2005.

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    I hope it don't get deleted this is a great article. Word to the wise. Their are alot of scam artist on ebay and it is sad when we are victizmed like this.
    This is a great article I hope andrew don't delete it.
    Ana aka Nani1987
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    Wow, that's really sad. Why do people do stuff like that? It's so hard to trust anything anymore...
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    Yes, it is very sad.....BUT....this quote is a hard one "FADE did not detect the pattern of suddenly switching to high-priced items in large quantities. "This is something FADE should have picked up and it is shameful that they didn't," said Jeff, referring to eBay's technology for detecting fraudsters on their marketplace. "You'd think eBay would recognize and flag a 1000% average auction value price increase and block the ability for the seller to withdraw PayPal funds until an investigation took place."

    What if someone had just been selling stuff around the house every so often (like me) and has been looking for a great item to specialize in (like me). When and if I find that item I'd be listing large quantities of a higher priced item. I have great high(ish) feedback. Would I then be black listed for starting out a new biz?

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