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Vertical Signature Order


Son of Liberty
Currently we have the ability to move a Signature Pic either Left or Center.

Other Forums I've visited have the option to place a Pic Above or Below the Text entry. This is something that I have always wished GF had.

Alot of times we have both Text and Picture at the same time. But here at GF Text always goes to the top... there's no choice, thats just how it is.

In my case, I want to have the Signature Picture on top.... and the Text on bottom.

Any chance an option like this is viable in the future?

edit: I just realized the way this is written can be a little confusing.

What I mean by "On top of Text" is the Text IN my signature. Not the text in my post.

In my case the Line written in Italian on the top left of my signature would then go to the Bottom left above my Quote / Reply buttons.
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Mark ov teh Pond
I was wondering this exact thing myself. Text belongs below an image.

I second this.


It's not me, it's you.
I would like to have text before and after a pic.


Epic Gamer
The other forum I frequent actually allows images to be placed in the sig via a link. It works very well. There is an option to upload an image also, so the system is quite diverse. However, because of this, it does require users to resize and rescale images themselves to fit the sig-image limits; the GF auto-resizer is something I often miss over there, but overall I think I probably prefer the other system as it gives so much more flexibility.

Of course, that said, the other forum is much, much larger than GF and there are probably more resources or something which allow that sort of thing.

edit: I should note that the other forum's uploader works differently to GF's; when you upload an image to that forum, the image will only appear in the sig if you put appropriate tags in - something like [sigimg] [/sigimg]. Without these tags, the uploaded image does not appear in the sig. So, for instance, you could have:

-text content-
-text content-

It's a pretty clever way of avoiding the allowance of image links. It would mean a smaller change to the current system than remodelling the whole set-up.
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