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[VERSUS] Battlefield 3 vs. MW3

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Super simple question here: Both of these title look right fabulous. I've had a chance to play BF3 now, and I already know what MW3 is going to be about. So hypothetically speaking, say I am a poor starving student and can only afford one.

Which one is better and why?


Haters gonna hate.
Oh God... we are going to get some real emotion out of this topic.

The BF3 v. MW3 discussion goes beyond simple fandom. This discussion dives into two totally different groups of people.

However, I will bypass the morality of this discussion, and delve right into my choice.

I would choose BF3. Yes, MW3 will be more popular, but BF3 is a better package. Hear me out! BF3 is heavily based on squads and requires more strategy. As a hardcore gamer, I enjoy a good bit of strategy... and BF3 has it while MW3 has some, but not enough. BF3 also has bigger MP maps and more unique game modes that are executed better than MW3. Yes, both have pretty solid progression mechanics in terms of leveling up, but BF3 feels more rewarding.

BF3 has more bang for your buck, and is more of a total package that pushes FPS games forward... MW3 seems to be more of the same.
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