The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 1 “The Bitter Taste of the High Lifeâ€Â
“Congrats Mike! You got into Yale wow that’s fantastic!†All of Mike’s friends stood around congratulating him at his 18th birthday party. Mike had he biggest and most brilliant smile on because he knew that Yale wasn’t the only new good thing in his life “Well guys not only did I get into Yale but my good luck doesn’t end there! I am now dating the love of my life, Anne†Mike’s best friend Drew was the first to shake his hand after the announcement and praised him for all that he had accomplished in one short year. Last year his grades were decent but nothing scholarly and his love life was pathetic but this year everything went his way and through hard work and determination he achieve all this success. Mike was never handsome because his face was full of pimples so girls were less than turned on by him but this year his face cleared up and people saw him for the attractive person he was. The party continued on and everyone had a great time. The party was winding down and people began to leave. Mike offered to give Anne a ride home but she told him to stay and say goodbye to all his guests and immediately Drew jumped in and offered her a ride. She consented and the two left. Everyone was now gone and Mike was extremely tired so he went to lay down but as he made his way to his bed a book fell from his bookcase and hit him on the head. It was “The Count of Monte Cristo†by Alexandre Dumas. “Weird†Mike placed the book on the shelf and finally laid down and went to sleep.
For 3 weeks Mike was beyond happy. He had everything a man could want: good friends, a bright future and the girl of his dreams. It was only one week before he had to leave to go to Yale and he was ecstatic about his departure even though it meant leaving Anne. But luckily Anne was going to a nearby college so she could visit him often. One night Anne and Mike decided to celebrate their future together and went out for dinner. After a magical night Mike returned Anne to her house and made his way home. He arrived home only to be met by Drew who had a gift for him. It was Mike’s favorite soda which was a very odd gift but he didn’t question the act of generosity. The next morning Mike woke up and police had surrounded his entire house and were standing over his bed. As soon as he woke up the put handcuffs on him and read him his rights. “What did I do? What are you doing?†He was dragged down the hall and when he passed by his room he saw his mother lying dead on her bed with one of Mike’s swords from his collection sticking out of her chest. The police threw him in the car and began to drive away. Mike looked out the back window and saw Anne sobbing and Drew comforting her. “What the hell is going on?†Mike asked the police officer sitting in passenger’s seat of the patrol car. “You have been arrested for killing your mother. You were the only one in the house and your finger prints were on the murder weapon.†Mike didn’t say a word and sat back in his seat and began to cry.
He was thrown in jail and nobody came and visited him for 3 days. His first visitor was Anne. She had obviously been crying a great deal because her eyes were blood shot and her normally neat brown hair was frizzed out. “Please tell me you didn’t do this Mike! Please tell me that you didn’t kill your mother!†Mike looked here dead in the eye “I swear to you I didn’t do anything wrong. I never fought with my mom and she was always sweet to me. Why on earth would I ever kill her?†Anne began to cry uncontrollably. Mike desperately wanted to consol her but they were separated by a sheet of Plexiglas. A guard came by and lifted her out of the seat and took her out of the room. Mike was taken back to his cell and told that his court date had been scheduled for the next day.

Chapter 2 “Sinâ€Â
The courtroom was hot and the suit that the jail had provided was itchy. The judge was obviously not interested in hearing what Mike had to say but he was called up to the stand anyway. The prosecuting lawyer walked up to Mike and asked him to state in his own words what happened the night in question. “Well you see Anne and I went out to dinner that night and then I took her home. I then proceeded to return to my house and I was met by my dear friend Drew. He had bought me a liter of my favorite soda, Vanilla Coke, and we drank it together and talked. When he left I went to bed. That is all that I did on that night. The next thing that happened was that the police were in my room and they arrested me.†The prosecution used big words that made really no sense to try and make it seem like Mike was guilty but the problem was that there was no proof that said he was innocent. He was alone in the house and there are no witnesses. So therefore in the opinion of the court Mike had no case.
The next witness was Drew who was the last person to see Mike before his mom died. He began telling his side of the story. “Well as he said I did bring him some soda after he got back from his date with Anne. I am sorry Mike but I have to tell them… You see he the broke out some alcohol and mixed it with the coke. It was very weird of him to do this because he never drank before but I didn’t question it. I didn’t drink any of it and I began to feel uncomfortable because he was becoming insulting and condescending so I left him in his drunken stupor. I wish I hadn’t because maybe then I could have stopped him… I am sorry Mike†Mike was boiling with rage how dare he outright lie like that. He stood up and yelled “How dare you lie like that! I didn’t drink!†The judge interrupted him “We found that an empty bottle of rum with your finger prints in the trash of your kitchen. Not only that but your finger prints were all over the scene of the crime and there was blood all over your bed. We checked your blood for drugs and we found a large amount of ecstasy and speed. I now ask the jury to deliberate and tell us their verdict.†The jury left the room and wasn’t gone for 10 minutes and they returned. “You honor we the jury find the defendant guilty of manslaughter.†The judge looked at Mike “I sentence you to 20 years in prison.†The police officers came and dragged Mike away crying. Mike looked back and saw Drew holding Anne and smiling. This sight made Mike’s blood boil.
The first day of his sentence was possibly the worst. The men in jail were just as bad as everyone said, possibly worse. They would beat him up every chance they got and he often was violated by people in the shower. He was victimized over and over again by the men who had been there a long time. The abused him, stole his food and were cruel whenever they could be. It was worse than hell because at least in hell you know you were there because of what you did in life. Mike knew that the reason why he was here was from no fault of his own. He didn’t kill his mom and he knew it without a doubt. He knew that there must have been some foul play involved and the only person who had the opportunity to do it was Drew. Throughout the first month or so Mike did receive and occasional visitor but after the first month nobody came. While the inmates were being served what the prison called “dinner†they would let them watch the news. Apparently Drew had come into an internship at a high powered attorney’s office. Mike knew that it should have been him on that television screen and his inner rage grew deeper and darker. There was nothing left for him on the outside world except Anne…

Chapter 3 “Forced Evolutionâ€Â
10 years went by and by now Mike was become well known in the prison. The inmates began to respect him because he had grown significantly tougher since his first month in the prison. People feared him just as he had feared them in the beginning. Occasionally when he was allowed to watch the new Mike would see Drew who was always gloating about some high profile case that he won. They never televised the ones he lost. The sprit breaker came when one afternoon Drew came on the television and stood alone on a stage at some fancy banquet and he began to give a speech. “All of my dear friends I come to you with the greatest new possible. As you all know I have been dating the lovely Ms. Anne Holmes for the fast 2 years. So I would like to announce that we are engaged to be married next year!†The people in the banquet started to cheer loudly. Mike’s heart crumbled and he became even bitterer. Did Drew orchestrate his mother’s murder so he could replace Mike? He stole everything from him in one night. He pretended to be his friend so he could usurp him from his pedestal and steal everything Mike held dear. The time for games was over…
The next 10 years Mike spent planning and strengthening himself He grew to be over 10 times the strength he was when he entered the prison. He would leave this Hell stronger and smarter than ever. He would take down the man who stole his life from him and we would show no mercy. It would only be a matter of time before Mike was released and could enact his revenge but there was one major problem. How could Mike get close to Drew without arousing suspicion? Wouldn’t people find it strange that an ex convict is being buddies with a prominent lawyer? Those were things he would work out as soon as he was free. An officer walked into Mike’s cell and lead him down the hall to a room where he was handed all the things he had been arrested with. So essentially he had nothing because the clothes he had no longer fitted him. He left the prison in a wife-beater and some baggy black pants. “Things will be much different this time†said Mike to himself.
In the following months he raised money to go to a foreign country. He chose rural Japan. He decided that there he would begin the plans for his return to the living world. This time he wouldn’t fall and he would make sure that he was powerful enough and smart enough to take care of his enemy. This time he has the advantage.
On the other side of the world Drew was notified that Mike had been released from jail and was told that he should watch out just in case he was planning anything. Drew alerted his guards and told them Mike’s name, physical appearance, general height and all the other details so that of he did try and come after him then they could stop him. The stage was set for the impending battle between the battle-hardened Mike Leon and the vicious Drew Heathcliff.