velvety_blossom in GF !!!


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It's the first time I've ever participated in an English forum soo I'm nervous:sweatdrop:​

I'm used to forums in my first language but this is quite different.
I bet I'm going to have fun trying to understand :p.. or at least I'm gonna take the full advantage of improving my language. There are many new things that wait for me to experience..​

I hope we can catch up with each other ^^​

see you~​


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Hope you like it here and that you stick around.

Where do you come from since English isn't your first language? :)


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Where are you from? We have a Foreign Language forum (it's new but we have some threads there already and you can use it to post your questions or discuss languages). Welcome.


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Oh wow thanks fragile and ysabel ..

I come from Saudia Arabia so Arabic is my mother-tongue.

yeah I've checked out that forum and it could be helpful thanks

Hybrix says " instead of making fun of those people " ...!

will they make fun of me :tic:
sounds fun :lol: hehe~

see u in the threads ..



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Welcome to the forums my dear friend. I'm sure your going to have a blast posting here, so stick around and I promise you won't regret it one bit.

Enjoy yourself.


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Welcome to GF! I sure hope that you find that you like it! It seems that you are already well spoken in the English langauge, so I have no doubt that you will do well and enjoy this forum! I hope you stick around, so get posting and have fun!