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Velma Hart feeling the change


Registered Member
YouTube - Middle Class Veteran Mother to Obama "Frankly, I'm Exhausted at Defending You"

Velma Hart are you feeling all the hope and change now?

Michelle Singletary - Woman who told Obama her financial fears has lost her job

Maybe if Obama gave you a tax holiday instead of creating a slush fund for Goldman Sachs and to repay democrat constituencies things might be better for you. Maybe if Obama wasn't so busy forcing health care down an unwilling Americas throat and instead focused on the immediate problem of high unemployment things would be improving. Maybe if he was not so arrogant in thinking that he has all the answers and knows what is best for all of us (as he says at the beginning of the video) and that a bigger government is always that answer we would not be spending a trillion of our children's dollars at a time.

I feel sorry for you Ms. Hart but according to the man you voted for and continue to defend it will be better for all of us if government spreads your wealth around. Now are you feeling it? How does it feel to have your wealth spread around? Not so good I'll bet.