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Vegetarians, what do you eat?


Registered Member
I've been a vegetarian, well lacto- ovo- vegetarian to be more specific for 1 year and 7 months, but i'm starting to feel weak. I haven't done my blood check in a while, but my dr. says that in time, vitamin B is dropping because i'm not consuming meat.

I usually eat a lot of vegetables, i like beans for protein, i eat cheese and eggs, i drink milk. But i got already bored with all of the same foods.

Not a soja fan either. :tired:

What do you guys eat to remain in a good shape? :-/


I don't really know, I just eat. I eat basically everything just not meat, and never have any troubles with health. It could be possible that you have other medical issues contributing to the weakness.

Why do you eat the same foods? I've been vegetarian for 9 years and I never get bored of the same foods, because vegetarian food is limitless. There's no reason a vegetarian should eat the same thing all the time.