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Vegetarians and preparing food for others


Registered Member
For the vegetarians here, do you/would you prepare any meat for other people?
Obviously, this applies more to people who are vegetarian on principle rather than for dietary reasons.

For the omnivores, how would you feel if a vegetarian refused to cook or prepare for you some meat?


Problematic Shitlord
I'd be a bit annoyed but I wouldn't get overtly upset about it. I mean, if they are vegetarian because they think meat is unhealthy then I don't see why they wouldn't serve meat to those who wanted it (unless they're one of those self-important savior types who think that they're helping you). But if they don't like harming animals, I wouldn't mind if they decided not to buy meat because it's just their beliefs.


Boom Boom Pow!
I wouldnt be too annoyed if a vegetarian refused to cook me meat. If thats what they believe in or feel is right then I respect their right to be able to think that, but I would have a slight tinge of annoyance to be honest, but I think I would get over it.
I would just have to settle for something else they had made, as long as I like it then there is no problem. ;)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
If the vegeterian refused to cook/prepare meat dishes for me, I'd be fine. I'll just cook and prepare them myself. Now if the vegetarian prevents me from eating meat, that's another story.

I've lived with a vegetarian before. It wasn't big deal to us if we didn't have the same stand on the issue of eating meat. I just don't expect him to eat if I cook meat, nor cook meat dishes for me. He's fine if I make a steak on the side to serve only myself.


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I was vegetarian for 5 years and wouldn't touch meat for anybody. Food is food, I know, but they can easily just eat what I cook them I shouldn't need to go out of my way, they can cook meat for themselves.