Vegetarian Food / recipes


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Are there any other vegetarians around here?

How long have you been a vegetarian? What do you exclude from your diet?

I was just wondering if anyone has any recipes that they would like to share?


I've been a vegetarian for two years, this month. My partner is helping me celebrate by being a vegetarian for a whole week next week.

I don't eat gelatine (in most jelly sweets, etc) and I try not to eat non-vegetarian cheese where is it labelled.

I do eat eggs, but I can't remember the last time that I did!

I love to cook and we love to try new recipes.




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I just recently fell off the wagon after not eating meat for about 10 years. I started eating a bit of chicken and turkey here and there, mostly for the sake of my daughter who isn't old enough to understand the concept of complete proteins and make sure she eats the right combination of foods to get complete proteins in her diet.

That's nice of your parnter. very sweet.

when done right, a vegetarian lifestyle is very healthy.

I will never eat beef again. beurk.


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I have heard of vegetarians going back to meat after 10/15 years. Chicken seems to be what they get back onto.

Well done on your 10 years though, at least you've gone back for very good reasons.

My boyfriend eats a lot less meat now, but he will never be a vegetarian and I wouldn't ask him to be. He does do National Vegetarian Week with me though, which I get quite excited about.

I loved beef and pork before I became vegetarian, I had gone off chicken a while before I stopped eating all meat.



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I eat about 1 dark meat serving a month (3 to 4 weeks). This excludes pepperoni on pizza however.

Chicken and Turkey I eat regularly though.

I just realized beef and dark meats were too unhealthy for me to continue to eat. My family has genetically high cholesterol...

I enjoy a steak here and there I think I have had 1 this year. I usually eat a burger once a month at a bar or good burger joint...