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Discussion in 'Anime' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Okay when vegeta fought recoome he got beat pretty bad right? Then he got healed by a senzu and got a huge zenkai..right? Well if it was such a big zenaki then why was he surprised by Goku's measily 90,000 PL? Didnt his PL rival frezias (first form)once he got that zenkai from that fight. I dont think it was that big of a power up because Vegeta almost craped him self when he say Goku take out recoome and the others.

  2. Milk

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    Vegeta needed to powerup to his maximum if I remember correctly to rival Freiza in form 1. Goku was just normal and had a massive powerlevel.
  3. King Vegeta

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    For once you're right. But yeah, Goku didn't power up all the way, he could've taken Frieza in his second form then I believe.
  4. you fools, he was amazed or as vince says craped in his pants because he felt goku's full power level which was 180,000 not 90,000 unless you were reffering to what he had when he fought recoome, burter, and Jeice
  5. Yeah Vegeta needed to power up to get to that power. Goku could have probably matched form two like Piccolo did, but get owned by form 3, that looked freakishly like the Queen Alien, from the movie Aliens.

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