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SEGA Vectorman

Anybody else love these games? I recently found Vectorman 1 at a friend's and played through the whole thing. Felt very satisfying to beat it, after originally playing it when I was 6 or 7. I also remember getting really far in Vectorman 2 but never beating it, so I'll have to get going on that.


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I remember the Pepsi Vectorman contest back in the day. I playd it once on a friends Sega and thought it was pretty tight.


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There were two contest.

One was where who ever finished the game first had to submit something in and then I think they would have drawings with others who would finish the game.

The other was a Pepsi/Sega contest. I cant remember the details....it was a little bit back :p


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It was a fun game to play, but that's all I really remember. I never heard about any kind of contest about it.


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I've only played it on Sonic Gems Collection. It's pretty fun, but some of the experience is taken away when I know that it replaced another game which looks like a beat-'em-up, one of my favorite types of games.


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That game was fantastic! I had forgotten all about it until I read this post. Thanks for the memories.