VC Flashback Sig


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's better then your last one, but once again the picture are really bad quality, the font isn't good, it looks something you take from Microsoft Word. Also your missing a border around the sig, which would make it look even better. Keep practicing my friend, and you'll get better my friend.
haha very cool. I like this one, sorry to say this but you still have the beginers touch please check out some tutorials. I would really like you to check out the new one I just made here

Good work for a starter but it will only get you so far. Sorry if I am being rude I am not meaning too just some people need a little push. Good luck

Edit: Also I have a question.... You are using Photoshop? Just need to check. Also if you would like I could write a very simple tech tutorial for you. Also If you need any help you can ask Tan or myself. Also Kyo is getting better and better by the day.


No problem, I take criticism with open arms. [email protected]'s touch.

I'm sure your tutorials are good, I'll check them out, and MJ the one on the right is especially bad quality, I don't do renders and there are not very many Toronto VC renders. BTW MJ did you check out my Jordan sig? I think it's better than this one.