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Vatican reports on Irish child abuse scandals


Free Spirit
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BBC News...The Vatican has expressed its "dismay and betrayal" at the "sinful and criminal acts" by Catholic clergy guilty of child abuse across Ireland. Read More Here
They are talking about Ireland but this happened in the US and elsewhere. If they are think their acts were so sinful and criminal then why did they try so hard to cover it up and protect the abusers for so long? I think the line of action they were having such a hard time agreeing on should of been trial and if found guilty sent to prison just like any other pedophile would of been. What do you think about this and what should happen?
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I am the woolrus
Just saw this now. To be honest, an apology now is far too little and far too late. You really can't take an apology seriously from the Church after their constant efforts to protect pedophile priests, and shelter them away in parishes abroad where they get a nice salary.

The catholic church is a shambles now. Even in Ireland, people are straying away from them in droves. I mean, i remember when i was a kid, really only about 10 years ago, where the church was THE authority. They ran everything, and were above the law in every way. Hell, we got ostracised from a whole community after we had a falling out with the local parish priest. Now though, i'd be hard pressed to find many people of my generation, even growing up in that environment, that is strongly behind the catholic church.

If the Catholic church wants to remain popular in countries where it has committed these atrocities, particularly Ireland, it needs to reinvent itself big time. I mean, this Ratzinger fella is a step in entirely the wrong direction, i mean he told followers in Africa not to use condoms, it could only make the AIDS crisis worse! He's the most backwards, over-conservative pope they possibly could have chosen.

Though i'm happy to see the catholic church fail to reinvent itself and fade in power over time. I think of all religious organisations, it's had the most violent and brutal history, and as we've seen by these reports of abuse, the atrocities of the catholic church has continued up until the present day. They are the worst organisation possible to represent everything that is good and righteous about the basic principles of catholicism.... if there was a hell, many supposedly "representatives of god" deserve to be burning in it.


Free Spirit
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That's rich telling people the use of condoms will make aids worse.

I think people should start ignoring the catholic church or any group like this. You can't learn morals from a group that has none. All them pedophiles deserve to go to jail and they should stop protecting them and let that happen. They need to clean their own house before they can dictate to others what morals are.

They should also go through all their computers and see if there is child porn on there. If so don't allow those that do near any children or lock them up. Because if they do you already know what they are thinking about and that's just one step away from acting on it.


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You would think that these pedophiles and the people who tried to protect them would've been afraid that God would strike them down.