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Vandals target newspaper for calling illegals illegals.


Free Spirit
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The office of Santa Barbara’s daily newspaper was attacked late Wednesday night with graffiti and shots from a paintball gun in response to a headline referring to undocumented workers as “illegals,” reports the Santa Barbara Independent.

Vandals target California newspaper that printed inflammatory ‘illegals’ headline
This is rich, this newspaper was targeted by vandals for calling illegals illegals. If you are coming into this country illegally that makes you illegals not the border. There is nothing illegal about the border which they claimed.

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I do get a kick out of the sign in the background picturing a First Nations dude. "If you don't believe in immigration... Splendid! Perhaps you should leave!" :lol:

I'm not against immigration, at a sustainable pace. There are only so many jobs and resources to go around and we can't invite the world to come live here, as much as Obama seems to think otherwise. The laws surrounding immigration are supposed to ensure that it occurs at a sustainable pace, and when people violate that law and that principle, they risk inflicting poverty and hardship upon folks who have contributed to the welfare and prosperity of the country for years. To them, however, that is fair, even when those people they put at risk are racial minorities that entered the country through the proper channels. Now to be offended at being labeled by your willingness to violate those laws meant to protect the people already here is not unfair. But this idea is lost on them. They want what they want at any cost and don't care who gets negatively impacted as a result, and they don't want to be branded because of it. Well too bad. If you're here illegally then guess what you're an "illegal [immigrant]". It's not racism, it's FACT! There's a difference. Don't take my word for it, look it up.

Racism: Anything that doesn't directly benefit or praise a minority group. (Oh wait, that's their definition)

Illegal: In violation of law or statute. (Yep, that applies to nobody, how racist!)

- Chameleon
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I wouldnt call buying land and winning wars immigration. So no Americans are not immigrants in America. I also wouldnt call crossing a border without legal documents "legal". Are all illegals really that brain-dead?
If Obama wants all the new illegals to be here then they should live with him, right? He is the only person inviting them into America.