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Vancouver Woman Fakes Acid Attack


I ♥ Haters
First the whore that lied about having cancer to get money from people, and now this. What the hell is wrong with people? Bethany Storro made headlines earlier this month after she claimed she was attacked by another woman who disfigured Storro's face with acid. The police are now saying that Storro inflicted her injuries herself.

Bethany Storro admits she faked story of acid attack; her burns were self-inflicted: police

This boggles the mind. Why would you ever do that to yourself? Did she wanna garner sympathy? Get a few donations? Who knows, maybe she's mentally unstable. I just find it kinda odd that she'd do that to herself.


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It's amazing the lengths that some people will go just to get some media attention. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would ever think that any amount of good can come from dumping acid on your face, but in my personal opinion, I think that this woman is fucking retarded.


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I heard something on the news today of some update on her story, with new news on what happened on the culprit, but I didn't think it would be the victim herself. Now that's a twist, I was thinking maybe a family member did it to her, oh well. Now she lives with scars and burns, what a way to go.



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She certainly does deserve her new look...... If she was willing to do that to herself, then let her live that way.....


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What she has done to herself is truly saddening. Some people cry for attention and as is the case will do anything to get it. I must say this is one attraction to GF for me, it is for the most part "Drama Queen/King" free.

I think the saddest part is this girl must suffer some mental disorder to go to this extreme, she WAS a very pretty girl, so maybe in her fabricated story there is truth, maybe someone did do this to her, not literally, but psychologically. I know this seems like I make an excuse for what she did, and is still no justification to you or I, but we do not know her mental state is all I am saying, and I do feel pity for her.
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I seen this news story too.....and the girl has serious issues~
I would make her pay back every cent she "stole" from the good people that gave to her, and I think she should also get jail time~
The world is crazy ass messed up~


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Well despite how sick it is, i actually see why this has occoured. My method of thinking is that she is mentally unstable or severely depressed. When you feel like that sometimes you can feel unnapreciated and inadiquite. Therefor resulting to Attention Seeking, although this is a extreme form of it, the repercussions arn't really working in her favour. I just think she wants the attention, maybe she didn't get enough when she was a child.

I can definately say though, she certainly didn't get taught right and wrong though if she is ddoing this, she surely must know the cancer thing is just plain sick!!