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Vancouver Canucks


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Roberto Luongo is the "man" again and Vigneault is out, and Torterella is now in.

What are your expectations of the Canucks this upcoming season? Do you believe the Sedin's will be able to handle the coaching style of Torterella? Do you believe that Luongo will be able to lead this team back to elite status?



Registered Member
first of all, If Mike Gillies had never come publicly about trading Luongo, this situation would be better. Luongo would not be debating about coming back to Vancouver or not. Vancouver will finish 4th in their division, California will hold all 3 top spots. Vancouver will contend, don't know if they will succeed. Luongo will make team canada and play good all year. To me, he's still a quality goaltender.


The return shall be legenday!
The Canucks are in a horrible situation and it is ALL Gillis' fault! No one else's just Gillis! Tortorella is the absolute WORST person to be coaching this team. The Sedins are going to hate him and so will everyone else on this team. I will honestly be surprised if they make it past the first round of the playoffs this year. I do think they will make the playoffs though now with Detroit moving to the east. The Canucks are declining rapidly and until Gillis is removed for someone who can make good sound hockey decisions and not run the team with the ego he does, they will not be winning the cup! Should have traded Luongo for whatever they could get when they had the chance. Now they have just screwed around the team and while Luongo has been the consumate professional, you know he is extremely unhappy and disgruntled. I mean seriously the guy put his place up for sale clearly thinking he was done and out of there!!