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I was wathing this movie a couple of weeks ago, and I thought of creating a thread about it. I was wondering from the people who has seen this movie, what they thought of it?

Personally I loved the movie, the story line was great, the monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf ect. were really well made. There was a lot of action in the movie.

Personally I would love if they made a sequel of that movie, I would also like to have Hugh Jackman back as Van Helsing.

Any other fans?


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I didn't think it was too awful. Of course my favorite part was Kate Beckinsale <3

I'll watch any damn thing with her in it.


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Yeah, the women in there were pretty hot, even though they were demented, flying vampires.

It wasn't as bad as many people said it was. I didn't pay too much to the intricacies of the plot, but the ideas were pretty neat. Some of the weapons were awesome.


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It wasn't Jackman's best showing, but it was an okay movie. I remember it got blasted a lot after it first came out. I think they did try to work too much into the movie, in terms of monsters, and it could have been better if they had focused on just one or two.

I doubt there will be a sequel - they wrote off all the most well known monsters already, so what's left?


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I loved how they had more then one monster, the opening scene was awesome when he killed Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde him and Frankenstein were the best looking monsters in my opinion.

Personally I think they could think of other monsters to put in this movie. I know not a lot of people would like to have a sequel of this movie but I personally would love it.


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I think this movie was kind of like "The League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen"; guilty pleasure for some and disliked by the rest.

I wasn't a fan of it. There were a few elements that could have been left out, but most of the story just seemed too far fetched for its own good.

I mean it is about monsters and obviously its fiction, but I just couldn't get invested enough in the film. Side stories and monsters were come-and-go and it just seemed too high concept for me.
Oof. It wasn't "kind of" League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the comic, not the film). It was exactly the same setup, just without the actual homage to any of the original and cannibalised plots or characters. (..Just like the League of Extraordinary gentlemen movie :p). ..Apart from the brief Frankenstein- moment, maybe.

I kind of liked it, though. The direction is interesting. The CG isn't very good, and the effects seem a bit off sometimes.. but the movie didn't have a very big budget, I think, so I thought it was pretty well done.