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Movies Van-Damme vs Seagal

The better 'talent' is?

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Jean-Claude Van-Damme
Steven Seagal

They're pretty similar as far as films go, and although most of their efforts are about as thought provoking as something that's not very thought provoking, their films are pretty damn entertaining.

At least I reckon so, they cater for the guilty pleasure market perhaps. Their work has merit.
However, I suppose there may be one you prefer more than the other...

Which of these two do you think is the better 'talent'?

And please relate/discuss other things about these two guys, or these sorts of films in general. As you wish. Ta.


This is a tough one.

Some of my favorites from Seagal are Under Siege, Under Siege 2, Exit Wounds & Half Past Dead.

Favorites from Van Damme are Universal Soldier, Double Impact, Timecop & Bloodsport.

They are both legends when it comes to cheesy, over-the-top action movies. I guess i'll go with a tie. Ha.


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Van Damme, all the way.
I have watched almost every single movie he has made, my favorites being Blood Sport...LionHeart.....Kick Boxer....and I like the one where he plays twins, and the sexy gal reaches her hands down his pants..and he told her she is in for a big surprise...He goes: "a big surprise" ~LoL~
The only down bit for Van Damme, is practically every movie he has made, has something to do with martial arts.
But his movie TimeCop was a great one too....his character showed more emotion than just...kicking ass~
Which could be said for Seagal too.....but I haven't watched near as many of his films as Van Damme's.
They both have some mean ass tempers, so I've heard..and I read once where Van Damme doesn't like playing the shorter 'star' in his movies, so in some movies he would stand on a box, when he was seen standing next to a bigger actor.
I believe it stated he was 5' 10"...which is not really short, but I guess he thought it was for a gent~
My son has all but 2 of Van Damme's movies....he has made 32 of them (I believe that is the correct count)..and it has taken numerous searches online at various sites to find all his movies on DVD, but we have found almost all of them, so he will have the entire collection.
Seagal has a new show out now, Lawman...I think??
News reports had him as a wife beater years ago.....not sure how true all that is either, but Kelly LeBrock was very pretty!
But, bottom line for me....Van Damme.


Haters gonna hate.
JCVD. His films are at least better than Seagal's.


Where is my Queen?
Oh why, I loved both of these cheeseballs movies, I have to go with Van - Damme though. I loved Universal Soldier, I thought it was the best Van - Damme movie. And Steven Seagal's movies were all cheesey but action packed. One of my favorite scenes with Seagal was in the movie Out for Justice during the bar fight when he wrapped a pool ball around a towel and started whooping everybodies ass with it by swinging that towel around. I always wanted to do that but haven't had the opportunity yet to do it.


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Funny, at one time, I found both men to be sexy...yes, sexy!!!
But Seagal is looking rough, packing on some extra poundage....and I hear all kinds of negative stuff about him.
Not that I should let that influence me in any way, but I haven't really heard much of what Van Damme has been up to lately......and I keep thinking of his sexy dance in Kick Boxer~


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I chose JCVD because he IS better!!!

.......And I HATE women bashers and bullies of any sort. So there! :mad:


People actually found these two fools attractive? :lol:

This thread makes me wanna have a cheesy action movie marathon. Ha.


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I love both of these guys, but Van-Damme gets my vote for this one. I loved Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Lionheart, Sudden Death, The Quest. I pretty much liked everything he's done. But I do love Seagal's movies too, Above the Law, Under Siege 1-2 were great.

Both were entertaining in their own way, and you can't go wrong with either of them in my opinion.


I ♥ Haters
I'm voting for Jean Claude Van-Damme because I'm a fan of Bloodsport and Universal Soldier... and I strongly dislike Steven Segal, so yeah.