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Yeah totally random and probably not the right place but this is about the Twilight series.

In the film the vampires go to play baseball of course. not many people know this but the first film was made here in and around Portland, OR. It is also planned to have further shooting from the other movies here as well.

Well as a benefit combined with the make-a-wish foundation the actors are coming back to Portland, but this time to play baseball at PGE park. While not a crazed fan i did enjoy the movies and am planning on going (its for a great cause).

Would any of you go to something like this? maybe not for this movie but any that was filmed in your area.


Son of Liberty
Kim was telling me about this, She thought it was cool to go see i told her hells yeah lets do it!

I just wanna go to oregon to see what its like, lol a Twilight gimmick wouldnt hurt my feelings either to be honest.


Son of Liberty
Nice I didnt realize it was on the 4th... for some reason I thought it was going to be like the weekend of or opening day of the the next movie itself


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yeah I would love to go to something like that. Of course I'm a Twilight fan myself. Who would ever miss out on a chance to meet with the sexy Cullens men?!?