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Valve remove Ubisoft DRM titles


AKA Ass-Bandit
Well, in the UK at least. And as far as we know. As a bit of a recap, Ubisoft has recently set a DRM scheme in place where you can save your games to an on-line server, and install titles that have this DRM as many times as you want (despite the fact I can do that with older titles anyway), as long as you're constantly connected to their servers. If you're off-line, you can't play. As expected, not long after everything went on-line, the servers went down for an unspecified reason, preventing many users from playing their games for several hours. In fact, this has happened at least twice (or, it's the same downtime, just extended).

Now, people have noticed that Valve, who had previously offered Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter V over Steam, have pulled the titles off the service in the UK. While Valve have yet to comment on the matter, a large number of people have stated that the main reason for this is due to the DRM issues. And I think they're not wrong; the problem with this DRM scheme has angered many customers, and as such, it would make sense for Valve to remove it to prevent that anger being directed at the Steam service. There is also the fact that thanks to UK law, if you sell a defective product, you are entirely liable for the cost of a refund. I believe this also carries over to digital distribution.

Now then, seeing as now even Steam seems to be saying "Fuck this DRM" (which is, technically, DRM itself), I wonder how Ubi will respond?