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Valuable Certifications?


New Member
I am writing and article forecasting what the most valuable IT certifications will be in five years. Can anyone share their opinions and predictions for desired IT certifications.

Thanks so much. SV:)


Supreme System Lord
I got one back in primay school that showed I could turn the monitor on......was impressive at the time and remains my most coveted achievement!!

In five years time, who knows......


Registered Member
In five years time, who knows......
^ I have to say I agree with this. With technology doubling within 6 months no one can really say what's it going to be like in 5 years.
Example: 5 years ago from now, there wasn't even a single discussion about touch screen devices, concentrated discussion was only on Microsoft surface but at the time it was the thing of the 'future'.

Touchscreen technology just exploded with the release of iOS devices and with that the IT industry too. So, in 5 years time something unexpected will be required.

EDIT: And welcome to the forum! :)


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In the IT job market, certifications are okay but the content of your resume is what will get you the job. And I'm not talking about just embellishing your resume, just state the technologies you have used in notable projects, some employers might want to see these projects. So make sure you are not embellishing. Also, we all know the only thing that is constant in the IT industry is change. Make sure you are always to speed with the latest technologies, for example, apps are in-demand these days more than websites, so make sure you can whip up an app anytime it is needed. Maybe get your programming platform-specific certification, java programmer might want to get at least a basic certification like SCJP, and with time, get the high level certifications.