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Movies Valkyrie


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Just saw this tonight. Assuming it was as true to history as it could be (certain parts would have had to have been scripted to fill in some blanks obviously), it was really informative and interesting. It wasn't something that was covered in my high school world history class, that's for sure. I'm sure students in Germany know all about the story though.

I'd be interested in getting some thoughts from some Germans here about your thoughts on this movie if you saw it.

Honestly I'd recommend it. If you have absolutely no idea what this movie is about, here's the trailer:

YouTube - Valkyrie | Movie Trailer

If you saw it, what did you think?

I have to say it was hard to watch this knowing that the attempt on Hitler's life failed. The ending was sad as well, especially seeing them all executed one by one. It was a moving ending that's for sure. Not all stories have a happy ending, at least they stood firm on their principles. It's hard not to respect these people for what they attempted. It was great to see that Stauffenberg's wife and kids survived. She died just a few years ago in fact.


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I've seen the movie two days ago and found it pretty good. It was a bit superficial, especially when it comes to explaining the motivation of the conspirators and especially Stauffenberg, but probably you cannot go deeper into the subject in a 2 hour movie. So the movie was good at giving a summary, while at the same time being entertaining. The acting also was pretty good in my opinion, Cruise did a good job.

The personal drama in the end fell a little short too, like for example Beck's death (the conspirator who shot himself): In reality, he was not dead immediately but was still alife after shooting himself in the head. He tried it a second and third time, bleeding, and failed again, until he asked someone else to finish this job.

As for Stauffenberg's popularity in Germany, as so often, we Germans can't really embrace him as a hero, because his character is too ambiguous. He was not a democrat, but a Prussian military man who actually supported the Nazis and Hitler as long as they seemed to be on the winning side. Only when it became obvious Germany was losing, Stauffenberg sided with the conspirators. His plans for a post-coup Germany were not democratic either; he and his co-conspirators wanted to reinstall the Kaiserreich's authoritarian monarchy. They rejected the idea of a democratically elected government and instead wanted an aristocratic system where nobles had more votes and influence than common people.

Still this assassination attempt on Hitler probably was the one that came closest to success and deserves to be remembered, so do the conspirators. They at least achieved one success: Their deed reminds us that not all Germans were Nazis and following Hitler, but even within the highest ranks, there were a few who were appaled by war crimes and crimes against humanity. They have made this insight history.


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...reminds us that not all Germans were Nazis and following Hitler, but even within the highest ranks, there were a few who were appaled by war crimes and crimes against humanity. They have made this insight history.
A pity not more people realise this. What they teach you at school, here in Australia when I was young, is just the tip of the iceberg, scratching the surface. :shake:
They never got into what it meant for anyone other than the allies and Jews. I have heard, read and seen so much from the side of ordinary Germans that wrenches the heart just as much as anything the allies or Jews went through. :(
I saw the German movie - 'Stauffenberg' starring Sebastian Koch, that was really good.


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In History class there really wasn't much discussed on plots against Hitler, only that the allied nations finally came to the aid of the European countries and finally took Berlin, which in turn caused Hitler to commit suicide.

When I saw this movie I was moved on how detailed and planned out the many plots against him were sought out and executed. Though many of them failed, they really left a mark for those to look at. But yes, I would recommend this movie to anyone as well, very inspiring and informative.



Sultan of Swat
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I saw this movie in the theaters and I loved it. We studied this part of history in history class. It was much better in the movie then reading it from the book.

I believe that Tom Cruise did an amazing job in this movie.
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