Valentines day.


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As valentines day is near, have you any specail plans or are you just waiting to be surprised?
How do you feel about Valentines day?

I personally think it's a waste of time. Someone shouldn't have to wait till Valentines day to show they love you. If you love someone you should show them on a daily basis not just Valentines day.

It's nice to be spoilt though i have to admit that. :)


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I dont bother with it, even when Im in relationships. I prefer to be spontaneous and not have commercialism be an expression of my emotion. Same with Christmas and all the other "giving" holidays. I will give something to someone when I want to rather than when the shops ask me too.

The only exception is birthdays, I think they are special as they signify something personal already.


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We usually go out for a meal and buy each other a card. We don't really bother with gifts anymore. We like showing our love for each other every day by other means.


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I am pretty sure it will be like every other year.. He won't remember even if I tell him 73 times.. and I won't care. So, nothing will happen. That or we will fight the whole day lol..

It doesn't matter though, I don't feel the need to celebrate it.