Valentine's Day 2009

Normally on V-Day what I do is just send cards or happy V-day messages to women and leave it at that, just because I think it's the right thing to do.

This year I did just that, I called this one girl and said happy V-day....and then I went to a strip club later on that night, spent damn near all my money and got drunk.

So who else had fun?


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I went out with this girl yesterday, we were seeing each other and I had this planned for a while, ask her out on Valentine's Day.

So, I got her a rose, took her movies and asked her out! Just like I planned


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It started off wonderfully, I got a super nice surprise first thing this morning by someone super duper special. So, then i spent a good amount of time talking to him. I then got some sleep.

In the morning baked sugar free oatmeal raisin cookies for my dad, made chocolate covered strawberries and went to my parents house.

Then i went to a car show.. and did some other random things.

and then came home and got on GF.

Not my most productive Valentine's Day, but my favorite one I have ever had nonetheless.


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Well, I got to give someone amazing something they really seemed to enjoy. :) Then I spent a lot of time talking to with that amazing someone.

I mean, that is literally what I did for Valentine's Day, and it is by far the most incredible Valentine's Day I've ever had. Seriously. Every other V-Day that I can remember I've just been a big old bag of hate, but I actually really, really enjoyed this one simply because of the above reasons. :D


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at 12:20, 20 minutes late for valentines day, i got a call on the phone saying "open your front door! just do it!" from my friend. and i opened it and it was my crush! and he had a guitar and on the end of his guitar was a bouquet of roses! and he was like "i was going to play you the song 'your song' by elton john, but i forgot the lyrics. so i've been rehearsing a tragicaly hip song but i know you hate the tragically hip" so i was like "just play it!" and he did. and it was so sweet and so so nice and really great and then we went out and danced and danced and danced. aawwwwww my heart is over flowing.


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I played some XBox.

I also went to some wedding social (more or less a big party @ a community club). It was a little boring at first, but once things picked up, it was pretty alright.

Barely noticed it was Valentimes, this year, though. :lick:


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I spent it on GF. Synd and I couldn't be together on the day which sucked but we spoke over GF which was nice enough I guess. Next year we'll definitely be spending it together though!


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I worked in the morning.

Then went drinking with a mate.

I did recieve a card though, it's just the person didn't leave their name.
What's the bloody point of that, how can I thank them/have sex with them if they don't put their name, what a total waste of time and now Vday is over the feeling of curiosity over the who the card maker is has gone.