Val Venis to ROH?


I am the woolrus
Interesting news on

"Ring of Honor is said to be interested in recently released WWE star Val Venis once he is ready to return from injury"

Interesting that ROH is going for a former WWE star just after they get their TV deal. I guess it would help them a lot to have a well known name in there to help get people watching. I had a quick look over the roster, and the only other name that stood out as been a big star elsewhere in the past is Jerry Lynn.

As far as wrestlers go though, I'll be happy to see Venis wrestling again. Completely unused by WWE in the past few years and i think he's a great talent. Hopefully we don't see an influx of former WWE stars now though...


Sultan of Swat
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Val Venis is a good wrestler, it would be nice to see him in the wrestling business again. Like Millz said he would be a good addition to ROH.


Change the World
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I agree with everyone's comments...Venis has been way too underused by the WWE, and his gimmick has held him down for too long. He has a lot of overlooked technical wrestling skills.