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This is another thread about an underatted wrestler. I think that Vader is one of the most underrated wrestlers, especially when people talk about nest big man. Vader had it all except Microphone skills, but had a manager like Harley Race to handle those duties.

Vader was incredible agile for size, as anyone ever seen this guy do a moonsault?

I thought when he signed with the WWF that things would sky rocket for him, but the WWE ruined it, and Michael was big part of that since he complained to the WWE that he didn't want to lose the title to Vader and the WWF listened to him obviously. Even if he had a few good matches after that his career went pretty much downhill.



Change the World
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I agree that Vader was pretty damn awesome...he could have been used much better by both major companies at the time. I know he also had a good career in Japan.


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It sucks because I didn't get to see much of Vader over the years. I have seen specific matches and yeah, he was a good talent...especially for someone his size.