Vader or Yoda? PS2 or 360? Soul Calibur IV crazyness...


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Soul Calibur IV is going off the deep end with character cameos.

Star Wars in Soul Calibur IV news from

The PS3 version will feature Darth Vader as a playable character, while the Xbox 360 version will have Yoda instead.

Apparently because the PS3 is black and the Xbox 360 is green. Makes sense to me.

I always enjoyed these games. They feel more like Street Fighter than some of the other fighters out there, and Street Fighter was always one of my favorites.

Of course the Soul Calibur franchise basically belongs to George Lucas now... I can't imagine he let them use those characters without paying a STEEP price.

So, Vader or Yoda?


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Sweet. I'd rather play as Vader, but I'm not going to buy a PS3 to do it. Nevertheless, I'm defiantly getting SC4. Not because of the Star Wars characters, but because SC2 was one of my favorite games of all time.


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I liked two but not three. Two on the Gamecube was insane fun. The mechanics in three were weird and I'm really looking forward to kicking some ass with Yoda in the next one.