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I can't stand tomato juice or clamato juice or any of that stuff, but this new V8 Splash is pretty good.
I just caught myself putting back my tasty ginger ale green tea for a bottle of V8 Splash Berry Blend.

I was just wondering, how do other people feel about the improvement of V8?


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I only drink the V8 fusion drinks. I despise any sort of soup and even if it comes in a bottle no thanks. and yes tomato juice is soup to me.


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I actually like tomato juice. I crave it sometimes when I'm hung over.

I don't generally do drinks like this because most of them are high in sugar...but I can definitely see trying this after my next night of drinking.


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I'll drink Clamato Juice in my bloody ceasers, I enjoy one sort of Tomato Juice Soup, and I put Tomato Juice in the Macaroni and Beef dish that I make.

But other than that I can't stand V8, I just don't like the taste of it as well. I gave it a few chances, but in the end I couldn't acquire the taste.


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ugh, I hate bloody caesars and such, haha.

Yeah, I really don't like the vegetable cocktail ones, only the fruit ones. All of the vegetable ones still taste like tomato juice to me.


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I can't stand regular V8 either. I used to keep stock of the Diet Berry Blend in my house at all times. I love it, and the diet really doesn't taste all that bad. I haven't had it in probably a year or so though just because my friends and I would drink it so fast that it got to be an expensive habit. That was definitely my favorite flavor.