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Movies V for Vendetta

Will you

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A Darker Knight
Call me a wuss, but I can't take torture/suffering of any kind unless it's the humerous kind, but I'm ok with the knifestabbing scenes. 0_o


No Custom Title Exists
Its not out here yet...I will probably buy it cause renting sucks

Cant wait to see it...Especcialy the Throat Slitting..lol


The Super Pimp of GF
I just bought it. They were sold out of the 2 disc special edition but I was lucky enough to arrive just as they got more in so I got the 2 disc one!


Film Elitist
I'd rent it. I saw it in IMAX, so I got the basic gist of the film.

Though, there were a few parts that made me question V's character.

There were a few times when V was talking and I got the impression he was trying to sound intelligent, but he really wasn't...

I can't point out specifics right now. I'd have to watch it again. Other than that, I think this flim makes up for the last two Matrix films that the Wachouski brothers sadly produced.


No Custom Title Exists
YAY..I just bought V for Vandetta...I am not gonna watch it yet...Maybe 2night...Ohh..I dont wanna Dream about it..