Movies Uwe Boll's Consecutive Screw-up!

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by kajin_phoenixlord, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ok. From what I know, first there was House of the Dead, then Alone in the Dark, and now BloodRayne. How many movies are they gonna give this man to screw up before they get a clue? Now, I've heard he's directing a movie based off of FarCry. How many more bull***t movies do we have to get from this guy?

  2. Sephy

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    I was wondering the same thing. He definitely needs to stop making movies.
  3. SuiGeneris

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    Man; I couldn't agree with you more. The movies are just...pathetic. I'm sick of seeing his films.
  4. A.M. Radio

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    heh heh heh... He's also doing Fear Effect. And Dungeon Siege. And Hunter the Reckoning.

    Well, producers hire him. He gets the movies made fast, He gets them made cheap, and always turns a profit. From a business standpoint, if you want a video game movie, have Uwe Boll sign on to direct. You won't get a good movie, but you will make your money.

    I don't blame Uwe Boll for his screw ups. Is it because I'm a masochist who likes watching bad movies? Perhaps. Or perhaps it's because he is the person that money hungry producers want to make their movies. Keep in mind that Far Cry willl be his second time producing a film. House of the Dead was his first.

    All Uwe Boll is is proof that the major producers care more about profit then a good movie.
  5. Nevyrmoore

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    He's also exec. producer & producer for an upcoming Postal movie....come on, Postal?

    *EDIT* Thinking about it, at least he isn't basing the movie off Postal2 - watching a man kill random people as he goes to pick up some milk, mail a letter, and get a book signed by Gary Coleman (and ends up kicking his ass)
  6. A movie based on the game Postal? The first game was actually fun, though really weird.
  7. I's still think that would've gotten a clue because BloodRayne is his third consecutive Box-Office flop. They must don't mind losing all that money because BloodRayne wasn't anywhere hitting the budget.
  8. They really should just keep him from making movies.
  9. A.M. Radio

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    First of all, Executive Producers do nothing. Seriously. As any film student, film teacher, or filmmaker. It's a meaningless credit.

    He didn't produce and isn't producing anything besides Postal, House of the Dead, and one other film. Producers turn a profit. Also, his films do make money. They are selling in Spain and Italy more the America.
  10. Italiano

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    He's right. As an executive producer he probably just heard the pitch for the movie and approved it. Uwe Boll just provided the budget.

    The only thing he screwed up on was hiring the directors and whatever writers who actually movies.

    Othewise it's the directors and writers that did a piss-poor job on the films.

    But I think Uwe Boll should have seen a pattern when he kept seeing his box office sales going down in all his films.

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