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Using WordPress as a full website


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Who here uses WordPress much? Have you ever used it to run a full website instead of as a blog?

I've been playing around with this lately and actually it's not that hard. WP makes a killer CMS and the fact that it can be easily modified is just another reason to use it as a website. I've tried all of the popular CMS's on the free market today (Drupal, Mambo, PHPNuke, even Community Server for Windows) and really there is no comparison to the convenience (not even considering price) of WordPress.

Basically, you can use the page system to create your pages, add them as links to your navigation menu, and use the front page (and a blog post or two perhaps) as your main page by making your content as your first blog post. After taking out some of the code for comment display, date, etc, it looks like a normal website. I've been doing this lately on a few sites I've made and it really is a convenient alternative to actual CMS software.

Anyone else tried it?