Using humor to prove a point


Hell, It's about time!
You'll see why this is political in a moment.

What is Humor? - by Steven M. Sultanoff, PhD

First, humor is the experience of incongruity. In one's environment the incongruity may be experienced when someone falls down in a situation when they are not expected to fall down, or the incongruity can be between concepts, thoughts, or ideas often illustrated by the punch line of a joke or the caption of a cartoon.
Basically this says that humor describes a situation that contradicts itself, or something that is not expected.

YouTube - Gun Free Zones - 1/2 Hour News Hour

Using humor in itself can disprove the idea that "Gun Free Zones" actually work. If they worked, the above video would not be funny because it would make sense. It's funny because it's something that leads you to believe one thing, but throws you off by something that is not expected. The robber getting frustrated by the sign is not expected (it's not something that would happen) there for, its funny. If it made sense, it would not be funny.

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The humor is the fact that no one who is honestly going to commit a crime would see that damn sign and walk off so yeah, you're right as to why it's funny.

However, I'm expecting the typical "guns are extensions of Satan's penis" arguments to come about soon.


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Guns are extensions of Satan's penis. Since it is well established that Amurica is one nation under God, it follows that we must dispose of all guns/Satan's penis.


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Gun Free Zones work about as well as No loitering, Smoke-Free, and Drug-Free zones do. If a person is really intent on doing something no imaginary boundary is going to stop them from doing so. Plain and simple. Though the bungling burglar does make me giggle inside. Humor can be used as a very effective method in portraying an idea.
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I just think it's amusing that these "solutions" are even presented in the first place. It's an idea that centers around the assumption that people are sheep.


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The video wasn't funny to me because I knew it to be based on a false premise. The purpose of declaring gun-free zones is to make sure that people caught with them in areas like schools go to prison for a good long stretch, not to stop crimes in progress - something that I'm willing to bet the people who produced this amateurish propaganda with its canned laughter knew full well when they embarked on the project.


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So then why even call it a "gun-free" zone? A more appropriate name would probably be, "Super-enhanced-gun-crime-punishment" zone if that really is the case.

People obeying laws dictated by a sign? preposterous. I mean look at this; since when does anyone actually go 55? I say we get rid of speed limits everywhere.