Using HPD2360 printer, unable to print from Microsoft Word Only!

I have installed a Printer HP D2360 on to a Laptop Windows XP.
Correct Driver is installed.
I am using Microsoft Office 2003, I can print of from Microsoft Outlook, Any Program except Microsoft Word.

I have checked to see if Word has any print areas set. but this hasnt
Has anyone got any ideas why this may not print.
I have uninstalled the printer and reinstalled but still no luck
Please HELP!!


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when you go to print in microsoft word, i assume it is showing up as a choice for printing on it?

besides this, i would suggest that you go to control panel and choose printers and faxes. then run through the troubleshooter.
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it all depends on what you are trying to print. pictures? text? pictures and text together? sometimes microsoft word can have trouble finding the correct spot on the spread sheet to print. is the paper running through the printer without actually printing?