Using Google Maps to Map Out Runs/Jogs/Walks?


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Have you ever used Google Maps to map out a run/jog/walk that you plan to do?

I have found this to be a very convenient tool. It's better than mapquest because you can just click on the map and add multiple destinations, basically putting a marker on each road you want to take.

It will tell you the exact distance that you'll end up going from beginning to end. It's been great so far for me when I've mapped out various distances that I want to run.

Just map it out, drive to the starting point, run to the end (halfway point really), run back to your car and you are good to go. You'll know the exact distance you ran and you'll have a much less boring run than a treadmill or track run.

Google Maps


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I do this! it's really useful! I always start at my house, then create maps that take about 5 KM to back to my house.
Not 'mapped out' specifically, but I've looked on there to find a walking route more than once because I wanted to roughly know the distance. I also use Google earth sometimes, to find woods/forest near my area. It's much easier to look for a bunch of trees on there than drive around looking. Why I want to know where woods are, you'll never know. :lol: