Using Cell Phones While Driving

Should driving while using cell phones be:

  • Only legal if you use a headset. (Texting still allowed)

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Should using cell phones while driving be legal, illegal, or a mix?

Some countries/states have already banned this.

The main options proposed are usually:

1. Banned while driving cars period.
2. Only legal if you use a headset.
3. Legal no matter what.

What do you think?

I'd be fine with the headset option. There are other things that are causing more accidents than cell phones though, such as eating, changing the radio, or putting on makeup while you drive.


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Its banned in my city and I believe it's a good thing. They made a study and they say that driving while being on the cell phone is just as bad as drinking and driving. You pay more attention to the person your talking to on the phone then the road itself.

I agree that it's illegal, and support it.


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I selected only legal when using a headset, i mean otherwise taxi drivers all over the world would technically be breaking the law! :p

As for texting i think it's worse than talking on a cell phone while driving, it takes even more attenton away from the road, so there's no way in hell that should be legal.


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I think people who do things like text and put on their makeup while driving are beyond stupid. My friend does it (texting) and I hate being in a car with him while he does it. It just makes me nervous.


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I voted "only with a headset" as it is impractical not to use the phone at certain times, although I do agree that it is more dangerous, however if there was a complete ban you would have cars parked up in all sorts of dangerous places. (+ how do you differntiate between someone on hands free and someone singing to the radio)

A story:
I was in Folkestone(SE England) some years ago preparing to board the Channel tunnel train to France, I drove to the ticket booth to collect my pre-ordered ticket but for some reason it had not registered in the system, I was instructed to goto the office and enquire, which was 100 metres down the road.

I grabed my phone from the hands free cradle as I knew that in a matter of seconds I would be parking up, I put the phone to my ear & phoned back to my place of work to explain the situation, as I pulled away from the booth the phone rang for a moment and then as they answered I proceeded to drive directly into the side of a police car complete with two not to happy officers rather disgruntled at the fact I had given them a jolt big enough for them to spill their coffee. :-o .....I have never felt so small in my life .....fortunatly I managed to talk my way out of it with nothing more than a slapped wrist and a stern talking too.
It annoys me when I see people on the phone whilst driving. I've admittedly done it once or twice when I first learnt to drive, and lost all concertration for the road. I won't do it again.

Hands-free/headset isn't half as much of a problem. It still obivously divides your attention though and that can't be a good thing. But I wouldn't make it illegal.

P.S. I think that texting is just as bad as being on the phone if not worse!
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My only issue with cell phones is texting. Talking on the phone isn't more of a distraction than talking to someone in the passenger seat of the car.

It's texting that causes the majority of accidents. The act of staring at an LCD for a prolonged time; which is usually a considerable way away from the windshield.


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See, this is what irritates me about bans.

No, it should not be banned. Talking on a cell phone is not an illegal activity, what right does the government have to tell you what you can or cannot do in your car? I view it the same as smoking in public and taking the rights away from the owners of the establishment. It's another coddle the people who can't "make the right choices" themselves law, IMO.

Does this one benefit me? Sure, there are some people who can't do more than 1 thing at a time. But I don't think bans should necessarily be put in place just because I benefit from it.
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Traffic safety studies have shown that drivers who are talking on cell phones - regardless of whether they are using a headset - are as impaired as drivers who are drunk. It's not a matter of the government telling you what you can and cannot do in your own car, it's a matter of public safety.

That said, I'd die if cell phone use while driving was banned in Michigan. :shifteyes: