Userbar Slideshow


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I need someone in here to make my userbars as a slideshow cause my sig is too long and I dont wanna get rid of the userbars

So can some one in here please put them as a slide show and post it here so I can put it in my sig



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n

I expect to get rep from this >>; Oh and Omega how u know me so well that u would know that I would come and help him out lol

Serbs something is wrong with ur Anti-Spam and that green userbar of ur's, I don't know that it is but it seems that the URL's are whack. Check those out then I'll see if I can animate them IF u fix those links somehow....

EDIT: Their URL's are somehow linked together ><; I clicked on one and it clicked on both which means their linked! How did u manage to accomplish such a feat hm?!


No Custom Title Exists
Thank You Kyo,

I somehow too knew that you were gonna do this

Thanks for the Userbar and by the way..Rep Given


Some sites want to affliate with mine and I dont have a affliation logo
Can Someone here make it

Name on Logo: SNM
Pic: Basketball on it