USB Help


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Okay so here's the deal , I have something wrong with my USB plugin thingo in my computer tower. I think it's cracked on the bottom , Well thats what it looks like to me. None of my USB cords work (Ie mp3 , Camera , Webcam) None of them work. Nothing comes up when I plug in the cord.

Anybody got any ideas for how to fix it or get it to work again. Rep will be given.


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If nothing is working, try another port. If that one port reads nothing, then it's most likely broken and will require fixing.


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yea if none of the ports register anything connected and are not disabled in the hardware setting then you might need a new motherboard if it is that important to you. Depending on how nice your computer is I might reccomend buying a new one


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It's not a huge problem for me because I hardly ever use my camera anyway and I can just charge my mp3 somewhere else. But during the summer I do use my camera a fair bit so I'd like to try and get it to work.