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Usama Bin Laden



Usama Bin Laden is not dead, believe me, if he was dead our goverment would know by now....We have undercovers in Al-Qaeda and trust me we would have found out by now from leaks..etc...He's still making videos and tapes and those take time to get from the mountains to Al-Jazeera...If we did kill him in a bombing we would probably have confirmed DNA because we check bodies after attacks/bombings. I think the kidney problems and him being on dialysis is bogus and he was born in 1957 so he's hardly as old as people make him out to be.

Plus Ultra

I doubt he's dead because we've had some recent videos, but he definitely is impaired as we know he survives on dialisis and this would be difficult holed up in the Himalayan foothills. This is what intrigues me most of the hunt for Osama. The kidney machines use special chemical filters made for different machines which need to be regularly replaced. The machines are expensive and require regular maintenance. This suggests it would be relatively easy to monitor sales of filters and provision of maintenance services, all the CIA needs to do is follow the technicians or whoever was sent for the filters to find out where they got delivered and catch Osama on the other end of the line.


We have neutralized Osama... he's in a cave somewhere on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border... few give President Bush credit for isolating Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Afghanistan but our U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division has indeed neutralized Osama and his jihadi band in the caves... although Al Qaeda cells around the world are still active... bin Laden is finished... we can't find him exactly but by isolating him we have indeed ended his freedom and ended his active terror...


First, I assume Bin Ladin is still living. Considering the benefit he has been to Dubya and the Washington agenda, he could actually be sipping mint juleps at the ranch in Crawford... but he's probably among his fellow jihadis in either Pakistan, Afghanistan or even maybe back in Saudi Arabia.

Honestly I think Bin Ladin is still a CIA asset, like he was back in the 80s against the Soviets. http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=20060720&articleId=2769
It's useful to have a boogeyman if you wanna stampede people into supporting a statist agenda. A program for enhancing the power and authority of the state. The idea to be promoted is that the state will protect the citizen, but they must yield up certain freedoms and privacies for the protection to work. See? Take off your shoes at the airport so Osama won't get you! Don't say anything about aggressive foreign wars, because without them AlQaeda will get you!

You realize that a national ID is being implemented very soon... http://news.com.com/FAQ+How+Real+ID+will+affect+you/2100-1028_3-5697111.html
Gotta keep track of everyone.

And Bin Ladin's family was in business with the Bush gang for years. They ware oil investors together and the Carlyle Group (financial manipulators) had Bin Ladin money to play with, together with Bush41 on the board of directors. Many Bin Ladins also got a quick ride out of Dodge in the days after 9/11 when the nation's air fleet was grounded.

I could go on and on about the connections, but let me just say this. UBL is too useful to kill off. Fact is, UBL may have had nothing to do with 9/11. He denied it immediately after the attacks. Then later a suspect video was found with a guy who looked not very much like UBL gloating about the incidents. Could be him though. If so, why would he admit his crime? To gain street cred with the Muslim world? Maybe. Anyway, he is certainly a hero in the Middle East. Ever more so as the US and Israel ramp up the atrocities and occupations.


He released a new tape about 1 and a half months ago. In it he verified the current date. He was alive then, so I see no reason to believe that he's not alive now.


I think that osama bin laden is alive and is planning somthing big. The world is about to have a war it seems. all these bombings. Its scary to think about what will happen to the future.


He said that he was planning to bomb CN Tower, Statue of Liberty and alot of other 'big' things.

I like 50 mins away from CN Tower. I live in K-Town and CN Tower is in Toronto.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Well you dont live right beside it, so I am sure you'll be fine.


Oh wow. Thats horrible. I don't get what bombing will do for this guy. I still think he is alive.
And being a middle eastern, Osama is not counted as a hero. Some people think he is, but most just like how he stood up against the US. But many don't approve how he killed so many people, and many don't like him because he caused so many fear to muslims in the US. Most muslims were dead scared that day because of how the rest of the people will treat them.
So don't assume most middle easterns like Osama because in reality only some like him. The others don't like him, or only like his courage to do something so bold.


Well it is hard to tell if he is still living or no, I mean he might be still be alive and pretned to be dead than when eceryone thought that the threat had been neutralized he would launch a suprise attack OR he is dead but the high ranked member is impersonating him, why? in my opinion they dont want to sound weak, I mean if their leader is dead dont that weaken the entire team?

Anyway as for people saying that we Muslim like him, well to be honest there are some people who support what he is doing becos they believe there are no other choice but there are other half who dislike for what he had done to teh image of Islam by launching all those attacks, etc.

As for the 9/11 the debate is still hot whether it is really the Al-Qaeda who attacked the WTC or is it actually the American Governments as part of their bigger plan. There are many strong arguments from both side but when I read all the sources from TVs to newspapers to underground sources it come to me that there might be a posibilty that it was the government who did it to blind people and above all to use this incident as a protective source (war on terrorism) to what they will be doing eg attacking countries, etc...

In conclusion in my opinion it doesnt really matter whether he is alive or dead I mean even if he is still alive he would die soon due ot his age or even if he is dead it is just the matter of time someone will replace him.