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USA swimming team fair winners?


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Do you think that it was fair that the USA 4x100 swim teach beat the french by .08 of a second?

They were wearing specially developed swimsuits made by NASA that reduces water resistance to like nothing.

No other country has this technology... do you think its fair that our contry uses it?:confused:


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They didn't break any rules so it's fair. I suppose it's the same thing in other races like running. We can't penalize the winner for having better shoes than the losers.

As for the short time difference, it happens a lot in other sport races too like athletics. We have several photo finishes for that - when the winners are too close to each other that they have to determine the real winner by checking videos.


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Aren't all the countries wearing the same kinds of suits? They've been using them since the Sydney games in '00.


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It's the same as in nascar, certain drivers have better cars. they can afford better cars and as long as their is nothing in the rules that says they can't do it it's fair, other countries could of came up with it. the us isn't the only country with space programs. we should be in trouble because our space program came up with better swim suits.


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The suits that they are wearing is called a shark suit, named that for the scale patterns, they started using them in the 00 games.
Most of the teams have been working on some kind of a specialized suit for years.

All the teams have the option to use these or another type of suit. The US just had the newer version of these. Is it fair?....Yes. If there was a debate on fairness then the Olympic committee would have not allowed the suits to be worn.
All of the new suits have to be approved by the OC first.

So I would have to say, yes it was a fair win.


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Let me put it this way - you're in a drag race. Lets say you have a car modified to suit a drag race. The modifications suit you perfectly. Meanwhile, the competition have a stock sports car. Unexpectedly, the competition wins, until you find out the driver is a pro.

How does this compare to the Olympics? Well, the gear is only as good as the user. You may have a suit that allows you to glide through the water as if it weren't there, but if you can't swim as well as the competition, you're going to loose. It just so happened that Team USA had good swimmers and good gear. Nothing wrong with that.

If it came out they were using performance-enhancing drugs, then we have a problem.
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aside from the fact that it has yet to be proven that those suits even make a difference, it is more than fair because all of the teams in that particular relay were using some form of these suits. are we going to ask next is it fair that the U.S. team had full body suits whereas the rest of the teams only had half body suits? its choice and if the other teams choose to not use them... thats their deal


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aside from the fact that it has yet to be proven that those suits even make a difference,
Yes, they have been proven to make a difference. No Olympians are going to swim using a suit they're not sure of.
Yes, they have been proven to make a difference. No Olympians are going to swim using a suit they're not sure of.

uh actually i'm watching them talk about the suits right now and they said "Not enough research has been done to prove wether or not the sharkskin makes a difference in the spead of these amazing athletes"

good job arguing just because its me though


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I think you are both right. Think about it; the athletes trust the suits, so it's be proven to them, but it's not been proven scientifically.

And OP: yes it was fair.