US = Rogue State?



Just read an article where a Canadian proposed the possibility that the US be considered a 'rogue state' in relation to the rest of the world, I thought it was interesting - here is a snippet:

ELEANOR HALL: Why would it change it so dramatically, when you're saying that the Iraq war, you're expecting that the world and the American people will forgive the Bush administration, why wouldn't they equally forgive it for a disastrous war in Iran, were that to happen?

GWYNNE DYER: It's the rogue state phenomenon. I mean, this could be another unprovoked, illegal American attack on a sovereign state. It would actually convince a great many people that the United States is congenitally a rogue state.

A senior Japanese diplomat said to me, last year, he said "You know the United States is a twelve year old with a shotgun". And what he meant was that as the United States begins to suspect that it's past the apogee of its trajectory, its on the way down, as a great power no longer on the way up or at the top securely, that it is becoming extremely erratic, that is lashing out in all sorts of ways to try and slow or stop what it perceives as insipient decline.

So there is concern that we're getting into rather deep water here, that we may be going into an era where the Americans become highly unpredictable and quite dangerous.
the entire interview is here:

I don't think he is far from the truth - how about you?


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I've always wondered what would happen if the United States began going into a serious economic decline. When we could reverse such fortunes through military means, is it really likely that the country as a whole would resist that temptation? It's certainly interesting to consider.


I actually think we already are doing exactly that... trying to use the military to prop up a failed monetary system..... started in 1971 (as far as the military directly backing the dollar)


For a Free Scotland
Interventionist foreign policy in general implies working outside the law and consent of states. I'd agree with the US being a rogue state.


Well its hard to say, I think alot of problems come from the current administration and the pricks we allow to get into power.

As for a war with Iran, I can already hear the little gears in Bush's head turning, I think he'd try it in a heartbeat if he thought there would be something to gain, but I doubt he'd be able to get the support to pull off another "pre-emptive" strike.


The United States can be said to be "rogue" in the sense that it has the power and a prevailing ideology that encourages it to do what it wants and shirk international opinion or cooperation. Unilaterialism replaces cooperation if the US wants something and has the ability to get away with seeking it.

Mr Casey

I don't even vaguely see how the economy is being falsely propped up, or how the has become a "rogue state" so to speak.

A propped economy tends to be a stable one, neither gaining nor losing value, before sharply plummeting. The US economy is currently at record highs due to tax cuts, as well as other safeties created to prevent another Great Depression. If the economy reverses now, it will only be because a liberal will take office and cease tax cuts, causing investors to stop investing as much and bringing the cycle to a halt. A liberal in office would be like the one person using a check or cash in the Visa Debit Card commercial to our economy.

In regards to the comments by teh aforementioned politicians: They are simply nuts. Who are they to judge whether an attack is illegal or not? As I recall, the British, French, and Germans all stepped up to the plate with the Iraq war. Doesn't that make them guilty as well.

Or maybe this: the Canadians are wrong.

As pertaining to unpredictable. I dont think so. The US has sought out strongholds of anti-American/anti-democratic/anti-capitalistic sentiment, as well as those countries who directly opposed or presented a threat to us.

Simply put, America is sick of all the Bullshit the world has thrown at it for trying to be the good guys for so long, and not being perfect at it, that it has decided to put its foot down. The world loves to bitch and find scapegoats; a new progressive America presents the perfect target to them.
To indulge Mr. Caseys debate for a moment:

Let's take a look at the so-called 'good nations' and see what we can dig up:

Britain/England/the UK: OMFG, the opium wars, the conquring and domination of Afrika, the orient, the middle east. Hell, they invaded the Falkland Islands just for the fuck of it. Basically, with Britain, you get centuries of domination and expansion, accompanied with gross misconduct that makes Pol Pot look like a shoe-shine boy.

Germany: Damn, do I really need to spell this out? Millions dead in only 6 years because of these guys, and that's not including casualties of war... Basically, when it comes to any accusations of unjust military action, Germany needs to shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.

France: the century-long "sphere of influence" France held in Afrika, which consists of genocide, bloody despotist dictatorships, at will military "interventions". All while they thumb their noses at Uncle Sam for invading Iraq. The French also supplied the perpetrators of the Hutu-Tutsie massacres in Afrika. Need proof? Google search Operation Turquoise. Let's see, there was also the Algiers, where the French basically took similar action to what were doing in Iraq

but we're the bad guys. If they want to declare us as a rouge state, I'm cool with it, as long as the entire continent of Afrika, 38% of Asia, England, Britain, Germany, Israel, France, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. etc. etc. are given the monacre of 'rouge' as well. Untill then, the rest of the 'civilized world' can shut the fuck up.


Oh yes, because what powers did decades ago, in some cases even much, much longer, negates what the United States is doing now. If your country did something ages ago, you can't say anything about another country doing it now!

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