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TV US Remakes


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As we were getting a little off topic in the Let Me In thread about US remakes of TV shows and movies, I figured we could have a thread to discuss it. So what is your take on the US remaking originals?

I was always kinda sceptical about them, mainly because i'd always watched originals of tv shows at least, and then I saw the US version of Shameless and it was amazing. I think perhaps they do a better job with the remaking of tv shows than they do movies.
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Eh, I kind of can't be stuffed typing out my thoughts on this for a second time today so I'll just post what I said in the other thread.

Crouton said:
I'm with you on this, I'm always skeptical of US remakes of film and TV shows too. The US does so much great original work that I can't understand why they have to keep stealing the stuff from other countries. America has one of the biggest film industries in the world, yet all us other countries with our small little struggling film industries occasionally churn out a good movie, only to have it remade by the US in less than a month. To me it is sort of like an insult, there is no need to remake things like this, especially so soon after the original films.

There are of course some things that have to be remade, reality TV shows etc but I really wish America would just leave other countries little triumphs alone for a while, and stop trying to show off in front of them and make them better.
So I basically dislike American remakes, both TV and movie. All of America's best films and shows are their own original ones, so I don't know why they don't just stick with that and leave us smaller countries with our little struggling film industries alone. They usually suck big time as well. There are only a few US remakes that aren't completely terrible in every way, so I don't see why they don't just stick to what they are good at which is making their own stuff.


I admit, I'm ignorant when it comes to finding out which shows are remakes and which ones are original. I only found out a few years ago that The Office was a remake of the original version from the UK.

With The Office being the only show that I know is a remake, it's hard for me to judge ALL remakes. Based on The Office alone I can say I'm glad it was remade in the US. I felt the UK edition of The Office had dry, subtle humor while the US version was more in your face in their delivery. The only problem I have with the US edition is Micheal Scott. That guy OVER DOES IT. He's always trying to top himself by doing and saying ridiculous things. Besides that, I love it... especially Dwight.

In the end, I support remakes, different versions, ect... You might have a show in the US you hate, but love when another country remakes it. Whatever floats your boat. :boat:


Sally Twit
Some shows could be really entertaining if they weren't so fake.

What really annoys me is when they stage some of it. Wife Swap is a good example of this. It even tells you at the beginning that some of it is scripted.
It was a good idea for a show and the UK version was always good. There's no need to act.

I never gave The Office a chance but I will now that Will Ferrell is going to be in it. I love him.


still nobody's bitch
The only one I can think of off the top of my head that I'm familiar with is The Office, and I hate the American version of it. I think that David Brent is one of the most brilliant characters ever, and it doesn't matter who they got to play his American counterpart, it just wouldn't be the same so I don't want to watch it. I don't know that it's necessarily that they took something British and put an American spin on it, it's just that you can't re-do such a brilliant character. If that makes any sense. It's far too early for me to attempt posting coherently.


When it comes to comedy TV shows the US usually ruin it. American comedy shows are great, all their original ones. The things is different countries do all have unique and different senses of humour. When the US takes an Australian or British comedy show full of their humour it never translates well in the remake. They should just stick to their own. I can still not forgive the US for ruining shows such as Kath and Kim, Skins, Wild at Heart, Being Human, Life on Mars etc.


Lion Rampant
I'm in the 'leave well enough alone' camp, when it comes to resurrecting a foreign series. A pitiful Bea Arthur remake of "Fawlty Towers" called "Amanda's" was so bad that it actually got cancelled with fewer episodes aired (10 of the 13 made) than did the original series (12).

Two exceptions to the rule might be the wildly successful Norman Lear productions "Sanford and Son" and "All in the Family," derived from "Steptoe and Son" and "Till Death Do Us Part," respectively. The recycling of popular shows with an American ensemble should probably be left to entertainment visionaries like Lear. Unfortunately, that type of person seems to be all too rare in the biz.


Off the top of my head, the US versions of Shameless & The Office are superior to the originals.

I don't understand the big fuss over the US remaking TV shows/movies. A sign of disrespect? Not at all, we see that you've done something great and we want to make money off it. Haha. We just change a few things to make it more American-friendly, that's all. The creators of the originals should feel honored! Haha.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
What Kons said. I don't see what the big deal is. I really enjoyed the US versions of Shameless and The Office (the first few seasons). What's wrong with them remaking shows to make them more appealing to the American audience? I don't see how that's disrespectful at all. And lets not pretend that other countries haven't remade American shows either.