US Prison Systems: Problems?


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This is different than EI's thread about the Prison State because I want to focus more on what problems we face in the prison systems today.

Lack of Rehabilitation - Prisons were instated with one purpose in mind and that was to help and 'heal' wrong-doers, which basically means to get them on the right track and away from crime. Prisons nowadays are rape houses with bouncers for guards. It's become a system of brutality and punishment with almost no rehabilitation. We seem to have decided that viciously punishing people with violence is the only way to help them. The problem is, we don't actually try to help anymore! Prison reform's first priority should be to actually try and help rather than just punish.

'Convict' Label
- It's more a side-effect of prison culture and something that needs to be fixed in society, but I wanted to mention it anyways. People who go to prison are not cruel, dangerous, violent people who are out on temporary leave until they kill, maim, or rape someone again. Unfortunately, that's what the stigma seems to be. Many people who leave prison want to get back to a normal life but the label of 'convict' follows them everywhere and makes like difficult. Some deserve it, but most deserve a second chance. We all fuck up, we all make idiotic choices, that's human nature. There's no criminality gene, so you can't say with certainty that these people will return to crime. I bet if we were just a bit more helpful to men and women honestly trying to make a normal living after prison, the recidivism rate would plummet.

Prison culture -
Simple, people who aren't the type of people who need prison as "treatment" become sucked into criminality most of the time. So rather than allow these people who aren't murderers, rapists, and violent criminals to mingle with them, you should be giving them other punishments like civil service and fines because ass rape scares a lot of people, but it's not helpful in learning a lesson.

- Another simple one, criminals, especially ones with a lot of money get all kinds of favors and hookups in jail. It needs to stop.

So what do you think? What else should be on the list? Anything wrong with mine?