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US poverty on track to post record gain


Son of Liberty
Once again we can agree to disagree. I do not believe in providing comfort in dependency, but I do believe that all should be offered the capacity to fish, what they do from there is up to them.
This pretty much echoes my feelings on these subjects. It's not the function of the government to ensure people are comfortable, only that they are given the chance to make themselves comfortable.

Maybe, but the local level is the level that I believe it should be addressed. I will take this a bit further and explain why I feel this way. First, that is the way our representative republic was designed to operate. Second, if I don't like it then I have much greater influence with State and Local representatives than those at the federal level. Third, if I find it so objectionable then I can choose to relocate to a state more to my liking without renouncing my citizenship in the country that I so love.
Good addition and I agree, things were intended to be handled more locally which is why Article I Sec. 8 is very specific while the Tenth Amendment is not. And of course the addition of many different states would allow people to move to the states they wish, which is what many did initially.