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US Open Fight


Registered Member
I'm wondering if anyone has seen this video yet?

YouTube - Fans Fight at US Open Tennis Djokovic vs. Petzschner [N0taBene]

There doesn't seem to be much story behind what happened, but what I gather is that the younger guy is arguing about his seat with the older couple, and it turns nasty.

Now I know this guy is being sort of a douche, but that doesn't mean that woman or that man can hit him. Same goes for the men who come by after his tussle with the older man. He might have been annoying but that still doesn't mean he can be assaulted.


The Hierophant
That reminds me of the "How can she slap?" video.

Anyway, I'm with you. Just because he's being a douche, doesn't mean that anyone has the right to assault him. From what I can see, he's the one that was attacked first, and the douche didn't even really do much about it. He kind of pushed that lady, but it didn't look like much. I bet she could have wide arm swung her ham hock into his face and everything would have been fine, but him pushing her a little is some big deal.

Oh well, like the video guy said "back to some tennis." :lol: