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US economy shrinks as IMF warns of Great Depression


Registered Member
As I've said countless times before:

Because the economy is a creature of sociology/psychology, it is about as predictable as the weather.


If you can get enough so-called 'experts' to proclaim that "this will be a Great Depression", eventually it actually will be, once all of the forces ruling the economy decide to look out for nothing more than their own hides.

What a stupid world. :sick:


Son of Liberty
yes I do.

I feel this is one of those things where just tossing money at it will not fix the problems. The only way I see this getting corrected is to unfortunately let it hit rock bottom and then start over new. Obviously Economic policies and schemes are not working the way they should and need to be revamped and renovated. By just tossing money at it all we are doing is prolonging the pain.

its gonna be tight times, very uncomfortable, and very scary. But from what I've seen its practically inevitable. Alot of people are gonna be out of work, out of home, and hungry. Busy times ahead in the government chairs, we'll see how long those fat checks lining their trousers holds up. I have a feeling 'bout the time it starts catching up to them is about the time they start really turning the wheels if you know what I mean.


Cutting Edge in Murder
I love how the guy says "We have to do everything we can to boost consumer confidence" and then says Great Depression. What a fucking retard. I'd love to know just how much the economy has been negatively affected by experts throwing around that phrase. Experts need to just shut their mouth about the great depression and just say "We're in a recession, it's bad, we need to do something." Scaring people is the exact opposite of what needs to be done.


Seriously what a great way to raise consumer confidence, we might as well tell them the world is ending to top it off. Pretzlecorps hits the nail right on the head. If we keep telling consumers its going to happen, it will happen.

It'll be a great time to buy stocks though with everything plunging to the ground if it does happen though.

Also if a great depression does happen I lived in a car for 3 months of a Michigan winter once and all I can say is dress in layers folks, dress in layers.