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US Central Command’s Twitter account hacked


Free Spirit
Staff member
This just happened about an hour ago. The hackers claim allegiance with ISIS and now say they know everything about them. They also include links to confidential date of military personnel's mobile devices. They also took over Central Commands Youtube channel posting propaganda videos. The videos have been taken down.

US Central Command’s Twitter account taken over by hackers who support ISIS

Wonder what they will go after next, they already hacked a newspaper and TV station. Doesn't seem like anything is safe on the net. Hope any information they got doesn't cause someone to get hurt.



Registered Member
K. Im gonna post this and I totally do hope it doesnt turn into ISIS propaganda... :shifteyes:
So many hacks and now the Pentagon gets spammed. This totally is too too weird!
If I see any ISIS ads on my Nintendo 3DS XL or my tablet Im gonna scream!
ISIS webz bites hardcore!

Imo ISIS should be perma-banned from cyberspace and all their IPs should be blocked. Except they would probaly just use proxies and torrents to pass content but couldnt those be tracked? This totally is becoming an epic issue... and a PITA!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think it sucks, I heard on TV that they got names and addresses of military personnel.

Anonymous is suppose to be hacking ISIS sites and taking them down. Don't care for hackers but this is one time I say go for it.


Well-Known Member
I think these people are becoming more powerful than any of us realize. How was this ever allowed to happen?

There will be no retaliation. As I've said before, illegal is not inherently evil. I would like to see hackers work to bring down ISIS and those allied to them.


This is disgusting, and who I am disgusted with is US central command. Twitter is NOT and never was created as a government level secure channel for communication, and that sensitive information was shared using this medium is wrong on a multitude of levels. After Anonymous hacked the KKK's twitter account, it should have become clear that this medium is not exactly a digital Fort Knox. The US should always share sensitive information over mediums that include point to point dynamic encryption, not regular social media feeds. In terms of national security, this is an embarrassment and an outrage. ISIS shouldn't have been able to access any sensitive information because it shouldn't have been there to access.

- Chameleon